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 Algonquin Health and Fitness

Health and Physical Education are an integral part of our educational program and are designed to contribute to the student’s overall well-being. We firmly believe that the potential of any student to achieve depends upon a healthy body, a sound mind, and a positive self-concept.  Without these basic attributes of physical, mental, and social health, advancement toward other educational goals will be difficult.  Since firm links exist between a positive self-concept and the desire to achieve in school, every effort will be made to help each student develop a solid base of self-esteem.  This includes the development of a sense of pride in one’s individuality, a feeling of security, and a desire to improve one’s level of fitness. Our primary objective is to help our students better prepare themselves to meet the demands of daily living.  Students will develop the skills which provide the opportunity for them to impact their fitness level and their overall health.  Our program utilizes self-assessments in fosteng achievable personal goals.  By understanding the effects of physical activity on their bodies and the importance of healthy lifestyles, our students will learn that health and fitness are life-long efforts.

Check out our course offerings on the Program of Studies webpage to learn more about the current classes offered by the Health & Fitness Dept. 

Department Chair: Mawson, Brian  

Arvanigian, Melissa

 Fustino, Melissa

Kinney, Andrew 

 Caroline Current

 Morcone, Kristen   

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