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World Languages

Welcome to World Languages

The World Languages Department provides students with the opportunity to become proficient in French, Spanish and Latin. These languages are of great value in today’s global community.  The study of world languages at Algonquin emphasizes oral proficiency, as well as aural comprehension, reading, writing, and the recognition of similarities and differences among cultures. We believe that speaking another language and making cultural comparisons help to develop a wider perspective of the world and leads to a better understanding of diversity.  We focus on a proficiency - based instructional approach that will allow students to demonstrate their level of understanding with the language.  Our educators utilize the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language proficiency scale (ACTFL Scale)  to evaluate how well students can use language to communicate.  Students that have started taking a language in the middle school can expect to reach Intermediate Mid to Intermediate High proficiency levels. 

It is recommended that all students elect a world language during their freshman year and continue learning in that target language.  Highly motivated students with above average ability have the opportunity to elect a second world language in their sophomore year.  Honors classes proceed at a fast pace and students are evaluated at a higher level of mastery. Readings both in class and at home are required, as well as oral presentation and regularly assigned compositions. Grammar is studied, applied and assessed in depth. 

A “C-“ or better is required to be recommended to continue to the next level College Prep course. A “B-“ or better is required to be recommended to the next level Honors class. “A-“ or better is required to be recommended to go from a College Prep course to an Honors course.

Seal of Biliteracy

Seniors will have the opportunity to take the State Seal of Biliteracy exam this year at Algonquin Regional High School on April 13th and 14th.  This is an award that is given by the state to recognize students that attain high functional and academic levels of proficiency in English and a world language.  Seniors that score Intermediate High or above in reading, writing, speaking and listening on the STAMP exam (STAMP information), will have the Seal affixed to their transcript and diploma.  Those that score Advanced in all categories will receive the State Seal of Biliteracy with Distinction.  

Criteria for the Certificate of Mastery

➤  The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved modified CD requirements due to the cancellation of testing opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, seniors graduating in 2022 must have met or exceeded a score of 455 on the ELA Next-Gen MCAS exam. 

➤  Students who earn a scaled score between 220 and 238 on the English Language Arts grade 10 Legacy MCAS or between 455 and 471 on the Next-Gen MCAS may satisfy the English language criteria for the State Seal of Biliteracy if they fulfill the requirements of an Educational Proficiency Plan and attain a minimum score or level on a nationally recognized and readily available English proficiency assessment approved by the Department.

The exam for seniors that signed up will be on April 13th and 14th.  You will receive an email with details soon.

If you have any questions, reach out to Nicole DeMember at

Department Chair  

 Squires, Emily   

 Smith, Pauliny Spanish
 Bombrun, Paula  Spanish & French
 Greenwald, Evan    Spanish
 Lawlor, Sarah Latin & Spanish
 Moll, Angela Latin
 Osepchuk, Lauren French
 Sousa, Jennifer  Spanish
 DeMember, Nicole   Spanish
 Staines, Shawn  Latin
 Harmon, Agustina   Spanish