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2023-2024 Counselor Assignments

Class of 2024/Grade 12

A-CHE                                    Andrea Hotchkin

CHI-D                                     Cindy Nelson

E-HA                                      Kate Mulcahy

HE-LOC                                  (Various Counselors)

LOI-M                                    Denise Brienze

N-SAN                                    Linda Hutchins

SAR-SM                                  Lisa Connery

SO-Z                                       Pam Mackey

Class of 2025/Grade 11

A-COH                                    Andrea Hotchkin

COL-GAR                               Cindy Nelson

GEN-KAN                              Kate Mulcahy

KAP-MAG                              (Various Counselors)

MAH-OEL                              Denise Brienze

OLA-SHI                                Linda Hutchins

SHR-SW                                 Lisa Connery

SZ-Z                                        Pam Mackey

Class of 2026/Grade 10

A-CIM                                    Andrea Hotchkin

CIT-GIG                                 Cindy Nelson

GIR-KOH                               Kate Mulcahy

KON-NAJ                               Denise Brienze

NAP-R                                    Linda Hutchins

S-SO                                       Lisa Connery

ST-Z                                        Pam Mackey


Class of 2027/Grade 9

A-CIS                                     Andrea Hotchkin

COL-F                                    Cindy Nelson

G-KUM                                  Kate Mulcahy

KUR-MON                            Denise Brienze

MOO-RE                               Linda Hutchins

RI-SH                                    Lisa Connery

SI-Z                                        Pam Mackey