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Welcome to the Science

The science program offers courses designed to acquaint students with the means of inquiry used by scientists, to acquire knowledge that comprises the essential structure of each of the sciences, and to develop a respect for and an enduring curiosity about the natural world in which one lives.

With respect to course levels, the Honors program is set up to meet the needs of the highly capable student who demonstrates excellent reading, writing and thinking skills, a willingness to work at an accelerated pace and has a genuine interest in the subject matter. The College Prep level program is set up to meet the needs of the college bound student. Students are required to pass a science MCAS test to graduate from high school in Massachusetts. Algonquin students who take and pass the Biology MCAS test at the end of 9th grade will fulfill this state requirement. Students are required to complete three full years of science. This year the science department has started a phased-in sequence of required courses. When the new science sequence is fully implemented in 2010-2011, it will consist of the following requirements: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Many students will experience the other science offerings in their senior year or they will opt to double up on science offerings.