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Old Stadium

Varsity Field

Originally installed in the 1970's, the Varsity Field at Algonquin has been used by thousands of student-athletes over the course of 25+ years. From Friday night lights to Graduations, there is never a dull moment at Richard Walsh Field. While the grass fields were beautifully maintained, the time had come to meet today's standards and install a turf field, which offers 3 times more playing time than a grass field.

JV/Multi-Purpose Field

Also installed in the 70's, the Junior Varsity/Multi-Purpose Field at Algonquin is used by our Football and Rugby Teams, in addition to hosting many community events and youth sporting games. Due to the amount of use and poor drainage, this field was often unusable and needed to be repaired. The ability to install a second turf field gives additional teams access to playing their games at this site.

Track & Field Events

The Track at Algonquin has been home to not only the Girls' & Boys' Track and Field Teams, but to countless community members since 1994. While patches have kept the Track operational for the last 10 years, it had never been replaced. The useful life of a track is typically 18 years, if resurfaced every 6-8 years. Our track had been resurfaced once in 28 years.

Stands & Lighting

Our stands have been home to our incredible fans and community members since being placed in the late 70's. While they were still holding sturdy, they were due for an upgrade to become ADA compliant. Our lighting system also needed to be replaced, as they provided insufficient lighting to the whole field, and did not meet new safety standards.

Tennis Courts

After being used for over 18 years, our Tennis courts are in desperate need of replacement. The courts are used by people of all ages from the local area, in addition to our Boys' and Girls' Tennis teams. Patches and minor resurfacing have kept the courts operational, but these repairs are not fully effective. 

Press Box

The Press Box is used by our amazing announcers, scoreboard operators, members of the media, coaches, and many more people. Over the past few years, it has started to deteriorate and will soon become unusable.